HIPAA Audits you can rely on

A HIPAA compliance audit is complex and can be frustrating, let us take care of all aspects of the IT portion of the process.

Best Servers specializes in HIPAA Compliance for medical professionals.

We offer a comprehensive IT audit of your network and systems that will ensure compliance for all IT aspects of HIPAA including Meaningful Use. We will audit your network then correct any discrepancies; we prepare all of the documentation for you in a packet ready to be delivered to an auditor.

The Audit includes

HIPAA Documentation
HIPAA Policy and Procedures
Evidence of HIPAA Policy Compliance

HIPAA Risk Analysis and Management Plan

  • Security Exception Worksheet
  • Supporting Documents
  • Response Form - HIPAA Site Interview.docx
  • Response Form - HIPAA On-Site Survey.docx
  • User Identification Worksheet
  • Computer Identification Worksheet
  • Network Share Identification Worksheet
  • User Behavior Analysis
  • Login History by Computer
  • Share Permission Report
  • Share Permission Report by User
  • Drive Encryption Report

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